GK F-VI silicate composition rapid analyzer

This equipment is developed for the silicate industry for a long time using the weight method, volume method, spectrophotometry, flame photometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometry to carry out chemical analysis of materials. The process is long and cannot meet the requirements of production p

DS1000CA Series Digital Oscilloscope Product Sample

The DS1000CA series is a digital oscilloscope with two channels plus an external trigger input channel. Its waveform capture rate of up to 2000wfms / s and powerful triggering function can accurately capture the signals of instantaneous changes. The clear liquid crystal display and mathematical ope

User Manual of Human Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) ELISA …

User Manual of Human Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) ELISA Kit This kit is for research use only Detection range: 1.56 ng / ml-100 ng / ml Minimum detection limit: 0.39 ng / ml Specificity: This kit can detect natural or recombinant human AChE at the same time without cross-reactivity with other r

Introduction of detectors for spectrum measurement

Zhuoli Hanguang's single-channel photodetectors (PMT, Photodiode, Photoconductive Detector) fully consider the performance indicators of the selected devices, and can be easily connected to our company's monochromator and accessories. -Infrared (UV-Visible-IR) wide band range. â–  Room

Contrast heat transfer and cold ironing process

In recent years, the cold foiling process has gradually become a new item of concern for suppliers with its good comprehensive performance and convenient in-line processing capabilities, and has made great progress. Hot stamping requires two printing units. The first unit transfers the exclusive v

The Cisco firewall promotion has begun

ASA5500 Series Cisco Adaptive Security Equipment [New Product] Product Name Technical Parameters Price (RMB) Price (USD) ASA5510-K8 ASA 5510 Appliance w / SW, 50 VPN Peers, 3 FE, DES Inquiry $ 7,340 ASA5510-BUN -K9 ASA 5510 Appliance w / SW, 50 VPN Peers, 3 FE, 3DES / AES Inquiry $ 7,

Snow Ice Machine FM70

Snowflake ice machine manufacturer / brand: YKKKY Specification model: FM70 Reference price: 26800 yuan Technical Parameters: Laboratory-specific snowflake ice making mechanism Ice volume: 70kg / 24h Ice storage capacity: 30kg Water consumption: 3.0L / H Dimensions: 580 × 550 × 860

Application and working principle of human proximity se…

Application and working principle of human proximity sensor Source: far Extension Technology Author: Shi Xinhua 1. Overview of the human body, also known as non-contact proximity sensor, proximity sensor, is the ideal electronic switch sensor. When the metal detection body approaches the sensing

How to use ink in gravure printing

1. The printing plate adopts electric engraving plate or laser plate, and the plate depth is between 15μ and 20μ. This is because the water ink is produced by tap water, whose boiling point is higher than that of the solvent. Plate shallow can improve the printing speed and avoid water ripples

The principle of "the same model" is the only…

It is very important to blend inks to master the principle of using the same type of ink and the same type of auxiliary materials as much as possible. If the ink is "05 type", auxiliary materials should also be matched to improve the printing suitability of the ink. In addition, the numb