Monitor Color Management and ICC Profile

The monitor is a computer output device, but for printing professionals, it is an important window for adjusting colors, observing images, and adjusting levels. It is the main basis for judging image quality, and it is also the key to achieving color “what you see is what you get”. . T

Lightweight Outdoor Latest Drugs: Patagonia Spectral Pu…

Lightweight outdoor newest drugs: Spector Pullov Lightweight outdoor is the direction of outdoor product development. The most advanced functional fabrics and clothing technology are often first applied to such products of major manufacturers. The Specter Pullover recently launched by Patagonia i

Method and Feasibility of Recycling of FRP Edge

In the past more than a decade, major foreign fiberglass professional publications have frequently reported articles on the recycling and utilization of glass fiber reinforced plastics. There are many types of products involved, including unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic, and other thermoset

Thermal Transfer Ink and Its Preparation Method

Abstract : In this paper, the formulation and properties of a wax thermal transfer ink with a wide range of raw material sources and high quality and low price are introduced. The ribbon has the characteristics of non-deinking, clear writing, good abrasion resistance, high quality and low price, e

Composite Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Packaging M…

Keeping fresh vegetables and fruits no longer depends on the refrigerator. China's first new composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine was recently developed at Zhangjiagang Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd. This machine adopts a variety of composite preservative gases to convert

Carton, carton structural design software and operation…

At present, computer-aided design (CAD) technology has been widely applied in various industries. Many industries have developed their own CAD technologies, such as mechanical CAD, architectural CAD, and so on. Packaging industry is no exception, many large software companies at home and abroad ar

A new type of hot stamping machine designed for flexibi…

The new PE-1000/TT hot stamping machine is aimed at a short-term demand market with a one-off production cycle. This machine follows the consistent professional technology of Kurz and has the same economic advantages. An example of this "hot stamping on demand" process is the injection

Recycling waste paper for packaging bottles

The new process of making packaging bottles from waste paper has been successfully developed by Kao Corporation of Japan. This technology can be used as a packaging container for bleach, shampoo, and the like. The new process uses plastic molding methods to make bottles and caps. The main procedu

UCB launches thin shrink film

UCB Thin Films has developed a new shrink-tight film to meet Europe’s growing demand for thin cigarette wrapping films. Since the tobacco company commissioned the manufacture of new packaging equipment to upgrade the existing production line, the perfect effect of the new low-thickness fil

Misunderstanding of anilox roller

When it comes to anilox rollers, here we have to point out that there are many kinds of anilox rollers and they are widely used. Apart from the anilox rollers used for printing, there are anilox rollers for coating and polishing. Here we only have Talk about flexo printing anilox roller. When int