Learn to make eye-dropping tips to create shiny eyes

Chanel silver enamel eye makeup When the elegant Chanel girl appeared in people's eyes, without exception, she was impressed by the stun of the eye. It is after Dior that Chanel also applied the elements of the sequins to the eye makeup. The silver-white sequins extend from the tear groove

Biological safety cabinet exhaust and circulation

The primary biosafety cabinet protects the staff and the environment without protecting the sample. The airflow principle is the same as for a laboratory fume hood, except that the vent is fitted with a HEPA filter. All types of biosafety cabinets use filters on the exhaust and air intakes. The firs

Kamaishu Bio recommended today to read - MS medium moth…

Instruments and appliances 1. Instruments: all kinds of balances, magnetic stirrers, refrigerators; 2, utensils: beakers, volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, reagent bottles, labels; 3. Reagents: 95% alcohol, 0.1-1N NaOH, 0.1-1NHCl, various inorganic substances, organic substances and disti

Rainstorm days, mahogany wardrobes are affected by dail…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, the heavy rains of the day have affected people's daily life. The wardrobe is one of the necessary furniture in our daily life. This rainstorm has a certain impact on the life of the wardrobe, especially the mahogany wardrobe. Expensiv

Fitness cold knowledge fans don't take beer imprope…

Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in humans, the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. Beer was introduced to China in the early 20th century and belongs to a kind of exotic wine. Beer is translated into Chinese " beer " according to En

Indian headgear handmade

Handmade Indian headgear Handmade materials: feathers , colored paper, crayons, tape, scissors Print templates with brown paper Template download This Indian hood uses a paper-cut feather, and the pattern is painted with a crayon. Handmade materials: colored paper, cra

Noah also advocates healthy and environmentally friendl…

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing pressure of work, the family, as a place for modern people to rest and live, is also concerned and valued by people. The living room becomes a personalized space that shows the master's thoughts, feelings, culture, and aesthetic appea

Handmade roll paper core flowers

Handmade roll paper core flowers Handmade materials: roll paper core, double-sided tape, stickers, ribbons , scissors Half frame glasses frame between the frame and the frame, lighter and more stable in one, highlighting the sense of fashion, both the wisdom of the bu

Handmade three-dimensional flower decorative painting

Handmade three-dimensional flower decorative painting Our company mainly produces Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container,Jumbo Bags, woven bags, Valve Bags, paper plastic composite bags and other products, which are widely used in various industries and various produ

Classically selected high and low temperature test cham…

High and low temperature test chambers are widely used in electrical, electronic, household appliances, automotive, motorcycle, chemical and other product parts and materials for temperature testing. Based on more than ten years of sales experience, the author reminds our customers of the issues t