Anti-theft pull-out roof plug-in carton cover

【patent type】 invention patent 【patent name】 anti-theft pull outside the plug roof type carton cover 【applicant】 Chen Guanfu [inventor] Chen Guanfu [main applicant address] 318020 Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, East Village Road, Huangyan

SIG Cooperras: Equipment slimming blower performance is…

The modular blow molding machine BLOMAX III series manufactured by SIG Company includes different numbers of blow-molded wheeled worktables such as 4-6-8, 10-12, 18-20, etc. Recently, SIG launched a new model - BLOMAX 24 . The machine is based on the existing BLOMAX 20 and does not require the add

Heat sealing adhesive automatic shearing pliers

CN2743232 The heat-sealing automatic shearing package clamp includes a plate handle, a handlebar, an upper jaw opening, and a lower jaw hinged on the jaw axis, and is fixed on the handlebar. The wrench and the upper jaw are hinged at the same time by the hot head shaft, the hot head is arranged b

Packaging, authenticity and taste in the consumer age (…

Packaging Design: The Distinctive Features of the Consumer Age No one can deny that we have entered the consumer era - everything is rapidly commoditized. Even intangible things that are traditionally spiritual, have also been tagged with value and appear to be available for sale. In the consumer

Vacuum packaging makes fresh vegetables readily availab…

In four minutes, a hot fresh vegetable can be prepared. Del Monte Fresh Produce NA of Coral Gables, Fla., introduced three different fresh-cut vegetables. This series of products uses vacuum packaging trays, which can greatly extend the shelf life without using any preservatives, additives or othe

Packaging of goods (2)

Basic requirements for packaging First, large packaging (or transport packaging) 1, commonly used types Carton, wooden box, calcium plastic box, metal box barrel, plastic tank barrel, sack, film or woven bag, rattan basket, bamboo basket and so on. 2, requirements (1) The weight, volume and s

Ink color with a (1)

In the color light addition method, equal proportions of the three color lights are added and mixed to form white light. Blue and green light are mixed into blue light, blue light and red light are mixed red light, green light and red light are mixed into yellow light and so on. These phenomena ar

Rapid and powerful removable barcode printer

Sato Europe launched the MB200i and MB201i, two removable bar code printers that print at 103 mm/s in 203-point-per-inch format, which is said to be the world's fastest printer to date. The MB200i has a maximum print width of 67 millimeters, while the MB201i has 58 millimeters. Interface conn

Leather printing and dyeing technology - transfer print…

In recent years, people's infatuation and taste of their colors have also become higher and higher. It is obviously not able to satisfy consumers' pursuit of rich and diverse popular colors by simply producing leather fabrics through current simple tanning techniques. The advent of flocked

Plastic packaging machine

【Patent Name】 Membrane Rewinder for Plastic Packaging Machine 【Applicant】 Sun Jingtao [Inventor] Yan Yonghui; Li Zhonghui; Lin Jinbiao; Yin Dong; Sun Jingtao [Address of Principal Applicant] 050091 Huijin Company, No. 368 Xinshi North Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Provin