Discussion on the Control of Printing Ink

Editor's note: In printing, the phenomenon of uneven ink color is one of the common drawbacks. Inhomogeneous ink is characterized by inhomogeneity of the ink on the entire sheet, that is, the deep part is not deep, but the light part is not light, and sometimes it is bar-shaped, sometimes into

From hand-to-automated post-press processing

Short-cycle on-demand printing requires efficient post-press processing equipment, a binding machine for online work, a folding machine, and a thread-locking machine are important features for automating post-press equipment. To meet the market demand for on-demand printing, it is not only that t

Study on Ultraviolet Fixing Crosslinking Adhesives

Decorative ribbon fabrics (known as lace fabrics) are woven fabrics made from a variety of fibers such as polyester, viscose, and polyamide. Based on the different types of fibers, the ribbons are pre-treated, dyed with different types of dyes, sized, and further processed. In particular, dyeing a

Spyder150: New Screen Large-format Printing System

A few days ago, screen company introduced the newly developed IncaSpyder150 large-format inkjet system. The device will be on display at the Inca headquarters in Cambridge for several months. The introduction of this kind of equipment has enabled Screen's digital products to further expand. Th

Windmer & Holzer FILMEX Cast Film Devices

FILMEX cast film equipment is one of the main products of Windmöller & Hölscher. The company stated that today, its customers have been able to produce up to 9 layers of high quality cast film using this equipment around the world. Cast films are used for a wide range of applications, fr

Process application characteristics of vegetable ink

Ink is the main consumable in the printing industry. It can be divided into several types depending on the composition and content of the ink, the use of the substrate, the printing equipment, and the method of use. Most of the existing inks mostly contain organic (or inorganic) solvents, pigments

Hengyi PAY2000III Multi-channel Electronic Counting Mac…

Heng Yi believes that in the post-GMP era of pharmaceutical companies should pay attention to the principle of drug safety and drug packaging safety measures at the same time, pay attention to the quality of the key points of the packaging line detection items. The solid packaging bottle packagin

Chestnut preservation paper development

【 Record Number 】 304167 [Record Type] Abstract [Restricted Use] Domestic [project year number] 0400050519 [Name of the result] Chestnut preservation paper development [Provincial city] Zhejiang [Category] TS761.3 F276.3 【 Key words 】 chestnut cling paper, paper, agri

Marie Gelland translucent plastic bottle

Mar Old Gelland Cosmetics are packaged in plastic bottles using Dujosalin resin and apply multicolor printing and hot stamping. The application of new materials and new technology has greatly reduced the package weight of the product and also saved costs, and it has a good feel for high gloss. In

54.7% of Screen Printing Inks Relies on How Imported St…

According to reports, 54.7% of the ink used in China's screen printing industry each year depends on imports, and imported inks account for most of China's market. According to expert analysis, this is because imported inks occupy the market with their performance and brand advantages. Whe