Revolutionary print pressure adjustment

The sign of modern lithographic printing press is "three high five", namely, high speed, smooth, high efficiency, multi-color, high quality and flexible, harmonious human-machine, digital network centralized, operation and management integration, automatic control intelligence, safety an

Three important differences between electronic universa…

Abstract: Omeco was founded in 1993, based on the modern high-tech field of optical, electromechanical and computer integration, and developed a core technology based on particle size detection and control technology. After more than ten years of hard work, Omega has become a famous manufacturer o

RFID Tags: "Terminator" of Bar Code Recogniti…

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) radio frequency identification technology is a type of non-contact automatic identification technology. Unlike traditional barcodes that rely on the photoelectric effect, RFID tags do not require manual operation. Under the induction of readers, they can autom

Three criteria help you to judge corrugated boxes

Among the various packaging types, carton boxes have always been the most common form of packaging. Although carton boxes are more responsible for this transportation safety function, their sales functions and appearance requirements are constantly being valued by users. How to judge the corrugate

Only culture is irreplaceable - the industry's ideo…

In the brand war of not seeing smoke, corporate culture is the most irreplaceable soul. In 2013, Shenzhen International Home Textiles and Home Decoration Exhibition promoted the theme of “Great Home Cross-border Cooperation”, and the most worthy of expectation is the innovation forum of

Please do not be biased. The correct use of plastic bot…

Do not know when to start, plastic bottles have become people in the eyes of cheap, environmentally friendly, insecure products. Nowadays, many high-end foods are being packed with other materials such as glass bottles. For plastic bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bottles, etc., the emergence of

Teaching Live Recording System

1. Product Overview The LeC300 full HD multi-functional recording and broadcasting system is an advanced multi-functional recording and broadcasting system that integrates camera, live editing, guide switching, webcast, on-demand, interactive commentary, and video conference. The LeC300 full-HD

Reasons and Influencing Factors of Dirty Printed Backs

In offset printing, the ink on the previous sheet is not dry, and the next sheet is superimposed on it. The ink on the previous sheet may be partially transferred to the back of the back sheet. This is called back-scratching and back-smearing. Both prints show signs of dirt on the back of the prin

Network public relations into a new choice for cabinet …

Online public relations, which was a fresh word a few years ago, has become a necessary public relations choice for many cabinet companies. Although cabinet companies are still dominated by offline sales, the broad prospects of the online market are bound to give cabinet companies greater market am