What are the characteristics and installation requirements of the mold incubator?

Mold incubator characteristics and installation requirements Installation requirements 1, indoors should be dry, well ventilated, relative humidity is kept below 85%, there should be no corrosive substances, avoid direct sunlight on the instrument. 2. The power supply must have a reliable ground wire to ensure reliable contact between the ground wire of the instrument and the ground of the network power supply to prevent leakage or accidental damage caused by the power supply. 3. The minimum distance from the mold incubator to the wall should be greater than 20cm to ensure good cooling of the refrigeration system. Mold incubator structure features (1) The door is equipped with an observation window for easy observation, and the magnetic door seal is attached for external door sealing. (2) Using microcomputer control technology to control temperature and humidity, the control is accurate and high, with LED display. (3) Heating system: The heating tube is formed into a racket shape with long service life and high thermal effect. (4) The airflow in the box is forced to convect by the fan. (5) The inner box is made of high quality stainless steel plate, and the outer surface is sprayed. (6) There is a UV lamp sterilization device in the box, and a power socket is attached. (7) Humidification system: an ultrasonic humidifier is used. (8) Refrigeration system: It consists of refrigeration components such as compressors and condensers. (9) stencil: It consists of round steel made of mesh, which is divided into several layers, and the height of each layer can be adjusted arbitrarily.

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