What are the classifications of Kyushu spatial analysis vortex oscillators?

What are the classifications of vortex oscillators?

According to the investigation of the vortex oscillator in the market, it is found that the price range of the vortex oscillator in the market is very large, ranging from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. The price gap is determined by the function and the motor.

The vortex oscillator can be classified into the following categories:

1: Continuous and jog can be switched to each other, that is, the instrument can be selected in continuous function or jog function according to the customer's experimental requirements when the power switch is turned on.

2: Only continuous function, that is, when the instrument is turned on, the instrument does not need external pressure to be given, and the instrument works. This is also the simplest and the price is not high.

3: Only the jog function means that the instrument gives a certain pressure to the tray when the switching power supply is turned on, and the instrument works. This is the easiest, so the price will not be too high.

4: Both continuous and jog functions, speed adjustment and time control are available. This vortex mixer function is more perfect. In terms of time control, some are knob type, such setting time is not accurate, and some Time is digital display, this time display is clear at a glance, and is what our research institutes like, but the price is not cheap.

5: Both continuous and jog functions, as well as speed control, the vortex mixer function is slightly increased, the use is more extensive, and the price is relatively high.

6: Speed ​​regulation and time control, continuous and jog functions are available, and the instrument can be expanded during use. This requires relative technical content. For example, it can be placed on the plate, test tube, etc., without the need for hand support. This is more humane. It can be said that customers can buy a single instrument and use a variety of functions, which can reduce the need to purchase other instruments, and also save space on the lab bench.

7: Everyone knows that there are many types of motor in the market, and the quality level is different. The difference between the poor quality motor and the good quality motor is several hundred yuan. The good motor determines the life of the vortex oscillator.

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