How to buy a drum washing machine? Drum washing machine purchase tips

Drum washing machine as the most popular style washing machine, washing machine drum washing clean, save water saving, care of clothing and other functions have become the reason for consumers to choose drum washing machine. So how to buy a drum washing machine? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the washing machine washing skills for the reference.






Washing machine washing skills:


1. The function selection of the drum washing machine.


The drum washing machine is launched with "all-intelligent" type. Some washing machines have many functions. Whether we really need these functions or not, it depends on the different needs of each family. This is the intelligent function of the drum washing machine, such as automatic foam detection, good fabric clothing, low-bubble washing powder, higher-grade drum washing machine brand has detection function; as well as automatic drying detection, automatic detection of dehydration balance.


2, the washing machine capacity selection of the drum washing machine


Our common drum washing machine capacity includes 4.5 kg, 5.2 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg and so on. Washing capacity drum washing machine The most common washing capacity is 5.2 kg, which is suitable for general household use capacity of 3-4 people. You can wash about 10 pounds of clothing. Floor curtains can be cleaned from 7 kg to 8 kg. LG has made a small-sized smart washing machine by investigating the consumer's laundry habits, and has produced 3.5KG capacity and up to 8 sorting washing modes to make consumers no longer worry about stacked clothes. Small pieces of clothing are washed at any time. Do not pile up.


3, the speed of the drum washing machine


The speed includes the motor drive mode, and the direct drive is higher than the belt indirect drive speed. Also, the rotational speed of the drum washing machine is also a decisive factor for the grade of the drum washing machine. 600 rpm, mostly old models without shifting, lower grade; 800 rpm or more with shifting, can be adjusted according to different requirements of fabrics; the highest can reach 1200 rpm. Most of the drum washing machines have a speed of more than 1000, and most of them have a quick washing function. The shortest time is about 25 minutes, which can avoid long-time washing of the drum washing machine.





4, the opening angle of the drum washing machine and the size of the door opening


The opening angle of the drum washing machine and the size of the door opening are of course more convenient for our daily clothes. Generally speaking, the larger the door opening, the higher the grade and the more expensive the price. The larger the door opening, the larger the angle of the open door.


5, the brand of drum washing machine


There are many brands of drum washing machines on the market. The biggest difference between brands is quality and reputation. Since the manufacturing technology of domestic drum washing machines is mostly imported from abroad, you should ask about the technical source of the washing machine, the background of the manufacturer and the production. The history of the drum washing machine. The drum washing machine varies in price from 1999 yuan to 13,000 yuan depending on factors such as brand.


6. Pay attention to whether there is clothing in the middle, such as Panasonic's inclined drum washing machine, there is a pause device, which can add clothes in the washing process, which is very convenient for our daily laundry.


The above is how to buy the drum washing machine brought by Xiaobian . The whole content of the drum washing machine purchase skills , I believe that everyone after reading this article has a basic understanding of the drum washing machine purchase, if you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click into the decoration knowledge channel !


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