How to maintain the office screen? Twelve tricks are waiting for you to come to school

       Office screens are widely used in modern office environments and are a guarantee for efficient work. If you don't pay attention to maintenance every day , it will become more and more dirty, the dust will accumulate and the indoor air will not be smooth, which will lead to dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue and other symptoms, which will reduce work efficiency. Therefore, the maintenance of the office screen is very important. So, how to maintain the office screen? Here are a few tips.


1. If there is dust or dirt on the screen, just scrub it with warm water or soapy water.

2. If the surface of the screen is stained with oil stains, etc., wipe it off with a paper towel, then wash it with a neutral detergent, a special detergent or an ammonia solution, and then wipe it off with water.

3, for the cloth screen, usually pay attention to a lot of dust removal maintenance, at least once a week, especially fabric. Dust removal is usually done with a small vacuum cleaner or with a rag.

4, the first use of the screen screen, you can first spray a little protective agent on the fabric, do a little care in advance.

5, the cloth screen can not be wiped with a wet rag, easy to damage the thread on the cloth surface, and even spots, shorten the service life.


6, the cloth screen cleaned with detergent, the residual cleaning agent should be cleaned, otherwise it is easier to get dirty. Also, when wiping the screen, it should be performed in order from the outside to the inside.

7. Usually after one year of use of the office screen, it should be handed over to a professional cleaning company for a thorough cleaning.

8, the office screen as far as possible to avoid being hit by hard objects, in case of being scratched.

9, the office screen can not be placed in the location of the sun exposure, otherwise it is easy to fade and surface peeling, which is easy to age.

10. Generally, do not move or disassemble the screen at will. If necessary, it is best to ask a professional to operate.

11. When the office screen of the glass panel is wiped, it is easy to leave the cloth dust, so try to wipe it off with a soft wet cloth and then wipe it with the used newspaper, so that the glass panel will be as clean as new.

12, aluminum alloy office screen generally only need to use a dry rag dipped in a little water and then wipe it a few times to wipe clean. If it is oily, it can not be washed directly with water, use a dry rag or detergent to clean.

The above is the maintenance skills of the office screen. After you learn it, you can test the effect on the screen of the office. In short, with a clean office environment, people's mood will be clear, the working atmosphere will be comfortable, and the overall work efficiency will also increase. Just a few simple maintenance techniques, you can get so many benefits, why not?

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