New TITAN SR8 slitter rewinder

As the latest generation of Titan's SR Series cantilever slitter rewinders, the new Titan SR8 slitter rewinder has taken a big hit on the market. It effectively replaced the highly successful SR7 model; since the machine made its debut in the world in May of this year, the company has already sold 10 Titan SR8 machines. The Titan SR8 has been designed with a modular format in mind; this will facilitate future machine upgrades and enhancements to meet the changing production requirements. This concept has also allowed the machine to determine a very competitive price, but at the same time it also offers a higher level of technology, equipped with improved web guides and web handling capabilities for a wider range of sensitive, flexible materials. Lightweight, cork-covered carbon fiber rollers and 'S' winding center drives help provide the highest quality slitting reel products at very high production speeds. A new and improved ergonomic design combines a compact and mobile "overhead" operator console; it is more user-friendly and can completely replace the previous console, saving considerable installation space. The console has a sturdy, 'compact and fast' embedded PC system; it provides operators with an easy, intuitive machine diagnostics and unprecedented access to stored data in an easy and fast way, helping to improve productivity and simplify job production. From this new, high-performance secondary slitter, up to 700 m/min (2,300 ft/min) can now be achieved at web widths of 1050 - 1350 mm (41-53 inches). speed. In order to comply with the new EU Directive, Titan has developed a powerful and operator-friendly safety system without affecting machine productivity and efficiency. By using a combination of light-electricity, laser beams and mechanical shields, the machine is guaranteed to comply with EU production safety regulations. The Titan SR8 offers three web path configurations to suit the processing manufacturer's special requirements and slitting applications; it also comes with a comprehensive list of standards and options features. One of the options includes a fully programmable automatic tool positioning system that allows the operator to accurately position 10 blades or rotary tools in just 90 seconds. By greatly reducing machine downtime, frequent restarts, and low volume production, additional investment in this feature will quickly pay off. More than 1,800 TITAN slitter rewinders are now installed in more than 70 countries around the world. As part of Atlas Conversion Equipment Co., Ltd. (and now the Bobst Group), with the advent of new SR8 products, Titan has taken another major step forward. Titan maintains its leading position in the global industry by providing product processors with highly advanced technology for flexible material slitting. The company leverages the extensive network of customer service and support facilities in the local market organization (LMO) of Bobst Group companies worldwide, and all users have assurances about backup, maintenance contact, and technical support.

baby oral care

Baby pacifier, teether and toothbrush are in Baby Oral Care series, made of food grade silicone, soft and safe for baby oral.

Pacifier is very helpful to comfort your baby as a high priority way, baby may want to suckle even when they are not hungry, pacifier may be that thing. Different age stages need different pacifiers, choose suitable one for your baby, respect the natural growing of baby teeth and gum. Pacifier is made of food grade material, feel like mother`s nipple, would stimulate baby`s sucking instinct and breath with his nostril, prevent bacteria and dust from entering mouth, let baby grow up healthily.

Teether can ease gingiva`s discomfort when baby teething. Our teether is made of food grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable. Can improve the coordination of baby eyes and hands, to promote intellectual development, by sucking and chewing teether. Using teether, can effectively ease inching sensation of gingival during baby teething and deciduous teeth developing.

Toothbrush is made of food grade silicone, soft enough for baby, help baby keep oral cavity clean.

Baby Oral Care

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