New DC flat press and die cutting machine

Even carton plants on the edge of the corrugated industry have found the precision and reliability of the DC 2nd generation reciprocating flat die-cutting presses supplied by Haire Equipment and Design. Many cardboard, folding cartons, cardboard, and even plastics processing plants use DC die-cutting and die-cutting machines on a daily basis - as a single special machine to ensure the safe and efficient production of these plants, while obtaining Highly cost-effective investment.

The DC 2nd Generation Flat Press Die Cutting Machine uses a computer numerical control system, an automatic anvil compensation system and a replaceable bottom roll anvil pad. At present, the number of installed machines of this type is close to 200, which proves its reliable performance and high cost performance. There are a total of six models of this series of machines, including 100 x 144 inches, which can meet the needs of a variety of sizes of paperboard die-cutting machining giant machine.

Fast machine set-up times, precise die-cutting accuracy, improved safety features, and reduced downtime and maintenance costs - these features are the key to the success of DC's second-generation flattening die-cutters in the market. The exclusive agency of Haire Group in the United States is Innovative Machinery Group. This group has a very high reputation in the corrugated box industry. Haire Group also supplies IMG-Klett's Cobra automatic flattening die-cutting machine and IMG-Brausse's shell die-cutting machine.

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