Tetra Pak Releases World's First Transparent Aseptic Packaging

Tetra Pak's new Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear (TWAC) packaging is the world's first high-barrier, transparent, aseptic packaging. In May last year, Mexican beverage company Jumex launched Nautix brand beverage, which is the first beverage in the market to use Tetra Wedge transparent aseptic packaging. The advantage of Tetra Wedge transparent aseptic packaging is that consumers can clearly see the goods in the package, its patented barrier technology can protect the product, and the aseptic process can also maintain the taste and nutrition of the food.

Mr. Jeff Kellar, Deputy Director of Strategic Business Development of Tetra Pak said: “The batch of products was promoted to the Mexican market by Wal-Mart in the early stage and the response was good. At the same time, surveys of US consumers showed that the product’s prospects in the U.S. market are equally broad. It is the children who are more interested in this novel packaging.” Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear (TWAC) aseptic transparent packaging was launched in the United States in 2006. The product can be processed with high-acid or low-acid for dairy products and soy sauce. The market offers a new type of bag-type packaging with a long shelf life. The form of aseptic packaging enhances the packaging potential of these two industry products, which is currently unattainable with the commonly used hot-water irrigation technology. The company believes that Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear (TWAC) can save energy and water consumption compared to hot filling. In addition, the small size of the product (only 6.75 oz.) is ideal for children's beverage packaging.

The package is accompanied by a convenient suction tube insertion hole. Since the packaging material is very strong, its puncture resistance is about 80% stronger than that of the ordinary vertical stand bag, so the situation that the suction tube pierces the back surface does not occur.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging Industry

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