Laser Molding Overview

Laser platemaking systems use lasers and computers to process die-cutting indentations. This stencil manufacturing method enables automation of mastering. In operation, as long as the pattern of the product to be die-cut, the thickness of the cardboard, and the like are inputted into the electronic computer, the mastering system can be controlled so that the master automatically moves under the laser beam in accordance with the desired template pattern. This stencil making method has changed the traditional lead-air method or sawing method in which the accuracy is poor, the speed is slow, the repeatability is not available, and the condition of the packaging automation line cannot be met. At present, the laser-cut die-cut version has been widely used in the printing, packaging and decorating industries. The products involved in the automotive, home appliances, light industry, food, medicine, publicity and other fields.

The advantages of this new process can be summarized as:

(1) The laser cutting speed is fast and the cycle is short. Laser cutting can improve work efficiency by several to ten times. Under normal circumstances, a die-cut version requires only 1 to 3 hours to complete programming and cutting tasks.

(2) Good quality and accuracy. The laser made moulded plate is controlled by a computer. The dimensional accuracy can be increased by an order of magnitude with an error of ±0.05 mm. Any complex graphic can be processed. For special-shaped plates, multi-plates, and two-color, two-sided, non-colored molded plates, it is very difficult to make them with conventional processes, and the laser process has a small accumulation error and the finished product is very beautiful.

(3) Good repeatability. The computer-programmed program can be stored. When mass production is required, multiple pieces of the same die plate are needed. The new technology can be adjusted only after the degree is adjusted, and it can be excellently reproducible, but the traditional technology cannot be achieved.

(4) It is non-toxic and harmless, and has different technical requirements for workers.

Source: Bison

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