Packaging Container Structure Design and Manufacturing - Paper Container (11)

Section 5 Corrugated carton material selection

There are two ways to choose the cardboard or base paper for corrugated cardboard boxes. One depends on the size of the corrugated box and the weight of the contents, look up the corrugated board that meets the requirements of certain technical specifications, and the second one depends on the calculation formula of compressive strength or stacking strength. The.

2. Choosing Corrugated Base Paper According to Board Side Intensity If the proper stacking performance of the board grade is known, the board grade selection for other design methods can be used to convert the SPF test. Calculated as follows:

Section 6 Corrugated Box Processing Technology

one. The corrugated box production process is divided into three phases:
(1) Processing of corrugated cardboard
(2) Processing of corrugated box blanks
(3) Box forming

two. Corrugated box production process production methods: stand-alone production, single-machine production, production line production.
Correspondingly, there are respective production processes.
1 production process
a. Single production of carton roll paper cutting → paper sheet cutting → face paper printing / corrugated paper press 楞 → affixed → paper indentation → cut corner slotting → nail box
b. Stand-alone production box roll paper cutting → paper sheet cutting → face paper printing / corrugated paper press 楞 → 裱 stickers → die cutting → chip removal → (iron box)
c. Union Machine produces carton single-sided machine/single-side machine→"bridge"→double-faced machine→drying road→cooling→slicing horizontal indentation→cross cutting→vertical indentation→printing/grooving→(sticking)
d. United Machine Production Boxes Single-sided Machine → "Bridge" → Multi-faced Machine → Drying Road → Cooling → Slitting → Die-cutting → Color Printing → Crosscutting → Debris Removal →
Into a box of single-sided machine → cutting → complex surface → die-cutting → scraping ↑ ↓
Paper color printing into a box

three. Key processes

1, the corrugated box production process

The corrugated paper is rolled into corrugated. In the corrugating machine, the lower corrugating roller is generally a driving roller, and the corrugated teeth are meshed with each other to drive the upper corrugating roller to rotate, and at the same time, the corrugating medium sandwiched between the two rollers is moved forward, under the action of pressure and temperature, With the two rollers fully meshed, the core paper is rolled into corrugated corrugated paper. The corrugating process is essentially a hot press forming process. Similar to embossing and embossing, two corrugating rollers can be considered as a pair of concave and convex molds.

(1) The heating and heating effect of the corrugating roller:
1 Make corrugations easy to form;
2 Cured corrugated shape.
heating method:
Resistance wire heating, steam heating, liquefied petroleum gas heating and so on.

(2) The role of pressurizing and pressurizing the corrugating roller: 1Promote the deformation of the core paper; 2Cure the corrugated shape.
heating method:
Screw pressure, spring pressure, compressed air pressure, and cylinder pressure.

2, gluing system (adhesion)
Role: corrugated shaping: cardboard molding; easy to use.
Corn starch binders are commonly used. In actual production, the quality of paperboard caused by bonding is the most serious. Such as dislocation (too little sizing), dew (the phenomenon of "see-saw" on the surface, caused by excessive sizing, while causing increased costs). The influencing factors include the properties of the adhesive itself and the bonding process.

3, die-cut creasing indentation type: single-point, three-point, five-point type. Slightly different from ordinary cardboard.

4. The most common printing method for box printing is letterpress (rubber plate). Inks use water-based inks.

Section VII, Processing Equipment

one. Corrugated cardboard production equipment

1, bracket (shaftless base paper holder):
Support roll base paper for easy unwinding or unwinding.
2. Preheating device for preheating base paper and single-sided corrugated cardboard (for rolling tile, bonding service).
3, single-sided machine watts, sin. The core equipment.
The role of paper guide (sheet) mechanism: from the upper corrugated roller.
4. Overpass transit station, buffer zone, flexible connection to realize continuous working of the production line.
5. The gluing machine produces multilayer boards.
6, veneer machine (double machine or double-sided machine)
After glueing, the board is further glued. The heating zone and the cooling zone are divided into two sections.
7, longitudinal paper separator: height direction slitting and indentation
8, transverse cutting machine
9, stacking machine

(B) Printing Slotting Machine

After the printing, longitudinal indentation, cut corners, slotted into box blanks.

(c) nail box machine

The flat low-carbon steel wire is made into a u-shaped nail synthetic product.

In addition, corrugated box factory also has the following equipment: Adhesive Tape Machine, Folding-Adhesive Tape Machine, Folding-Adhesive Box Machine, Flexographic Printing-Folding-Adhesive Box Machine, Folding-Slotting Machine, Wax Coating Machine, Coating Machine, Screen Curtain coating machine, complex machine.