Sansui Flooring 2014 National Distributor Conference and New Product Launch Event Report

In Chengdu on July 15, 2014, Tiangao was light, and in the refreshing and pleasant Chongzhou Dongting Garden Hotel, Chengdu Meikang Sanlian Industry Co., Ltd. held a grand theme of “New Starting Point, New Strategy, New Dream” in 2014. Sansui Flooring National Distributors Conference, more than 350 dealers from all over the country gathered together to discuss the development plan. After the meeting, Sanshuang Floor's "D series chamfered floor, 3D parquet floor" new products were officially released for the first time under the witness of the participating dealers. Sanshuang floor general manager Zhang Huanbing, strategic director Zeng Yulin, marketing director Deng Yang and other senior leaders, as well as the invited vice president of Jiuzheng Media, Yang Wensong, and industry friends attended the conference. Jizheng Media participated as a strategic partner and reported the whole process. .

As a professional service organization engaged in the integrated application and innovative marketing mode of supply chain e-commerce in the building materials and home furnishing industry, Jiuzheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. launched a one-stop (computer website + mobile website + micro website + WeChat public account) micro marketing solution It is very popular among these traditional building materials and home furnishing enterprises.

The "Sansui Floor Dealer Conference, New Product Launch Conference" was on the scene. The following is a detailed broadcast of the first-line staff of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network.

Sansui Flooring 2014 National Distributor Conference

Sansui floor talents are rich, and there is a literary fan full of "one sister and one brother"

Zhang Huanbing, general manager of Sansui Flooring, delivered an opening speech to the conference. The Sansui floor was thrown against the current industry downturn in 2014. There were more than 400 national specialty stores, and the sales volume doubled. Support to Sansui flooring for dealers. And and hard work to express the most sincere thanks. And call on everyone in the future, based on a new starting point, hand in hand, a total of innovation and glory. The "signboard" action that often appears in Zhang’s passionate speech by Jiu Zheng’s Xiaobian!

Yang Wensong, vice president of Jiuzheng Media, used short and concise words: some confusions about building materials and home furnishing enterprises, how to avoid the transition to death, no transformation, such as death, how to successfully and successfully transform, how to use the Internet, how to use micro-marketing to use WeChat WeChat public platform, how to embrace O2O online and offline, channel marketing and terminal marketing, "two-pronged approach" and other professional frontiers to discuss and share, leading to applause!

The scene of the new product launch conference of Sansui Floor, the beautiful new model of the beautiful model of the beautiful show! There is no shortage of fashion and noble Sanshuang floor new products in the design simplicity, shocked four, the dealers in the audience are stunned and rave reviews, attracting dealers to scramble Order an appointment!

Male god show new!

There is a smell of "artwork" everywhere.

Sansui floor image spokesperson Wang Hao went to the site of Sansui floor new product launch!

Can Wenweng's TV station red man Wenwu, this person is really a high-spirited person, a dozen cigarettes, nostrils, ears, boasting, a while playing inverted, blowing, stunning four! Have to say, Sansui floor is really big, extraordinary strength !

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