Thermal Pool Detector Use and Precautions

Thermal Pool Detector Use and Precautions
1 Before turning on the thermal power supply, the carrier gas must be passed. At the end of the experiment, the bridge current is adjusted to the minimum value, then the thermal conduction power is turned off, and finally the carrier gas is turned off.
2 Regulator valve, the adjustment of the needle valve must be carried out slowly. When the regulator valve is not working, the adjustment handle must be loosened. When the needle valve is not working, the valve should be in the "on" state.
3 The temperature of each room should be slow to prevent over-temperature (current gas chromatographs are generally controlled by program to automatically heat up).
4 When replacing the vaporization chamber gasket, the thermal power supply should be turned off. If the flowmeter float suddenly falls to the end, the power should also be turned off first.
5 Bridge current must not exceed the allowable value.

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