Tips for cleaning all kinds of stains

How to clean the bottom of the burnt pot? How can the scale of the dishes be cleaned? These are the problems that the housewives often encounter. Don't worry, here are a few tips.
First, the accumulation of charred oil in the wok is difficult to clean, use fresh pear skin in a pot and boil it, the oil will quickly fall off.
Second, the steel ball brush will become very dirty after the oil stains. If the steel ball is placed on the fire and burned, the steel ball will be clean and refreshed after the natural cooling of the steel ball.
Third, the dishes and cups have scale, which can be scrubbed with salt, residual tea or vinegar.
Fourth, the newly bought iron pot is rusty, can be filled with water in the pot, then put on the fire for 10 minutes, then the pot is placed, and after the water is cool, it can be rusted.
5. Food utensils filled with milk, batter and eggs, soaked in cold water and then washed with hot water, it is easy to wash.
Sixth, the chopping board has astringent taste, can be dipped in the rice water, scrubbed with a little salt and then washed with hot water, you can remove the taste.
Seven, the aluminum pan is burnt, do not use the steel ball to brush hard, so as not to damage the protective film of alumina, as long as the potato chips are placed in the pot and boiled, the black of the pot can be removed.
Eight, aged scale on enamelware, can be scrubbed with toothpaste.

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