The LED thermal shock test box instrument has made great progress and development space

In recent years, China's LED thermal shock tester equipment industry has developed rapidly, and breakthroughs have been made in several major scientific and technological fields. The reliability and stability of the thermal shock test chamber instrument have been greatly improved. Especially in recent years, China's local instruments have made great progress, especially in the research and development of general electronic measuring equipment and automotive electronic equipment, the gap with foreign advanced products is rapidly shrinking. The development of modularization and virtual technology has brought new development opportunities for China's test and measurement instrument industry. With the increasing attention of the state and governments at all levels, it has provided unprecedented power and opportunities for the electronic measurement instrument industry.

Nowadays, the domestic electronic instrument industry has formed a group of backbone enterprises for the development and production of electronic instruments, and has researched and developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the international advanced level. The advancement of the electronic instrument industry has generally promoted the development of the domestic economy and has also driven the development of many related industries. This development is a new beginning. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for some domestic electronic instrument companies. As long as they grasp the key points, they can stand out among the 100 companies and become the leader in this industry.

LED冷热冲击测试箱仪器的长足进步 发展空间逐渐强大

Although the domestic electronic instrument industry and enterprises have developed a number of varieties and a certain number of products that reach the same international advanced level, compared with the international level, there is still a big gap in the product structure and the technical level of high-end products. This requires the efforts of many domestic manufacturers of thermal shock test equipment, continuous innovation in product production, continuous innovation in technology, etc., and strive to narrow the gap between domestic instruments and equipment and foreign instruments and equipment, and promote domestic instruments and equipment in the market. The increase in occupancy rate will reduce the market share of foreign instruments and equipment in the domestic market. Only in this way can domestic equipment and equipment have better development space.

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