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Recently, the cloud fox era as the industry's leading outdoor intelligent terminal equipment manufacturing company was invited to participate in the third China satellite navigation and location service exhibition. Due to the high attention of participating companies and the media, CCTV reporters even conducted an exclusive interview with leaders of participating leaders.

The China Satellite Navigation and Location Service Exhibition is an industry event in China's industry with large-scale, high-level, wide-ranging and most representative satellite navigation and location services. The China National Football Association continues to uphold the concept of “sailing the satellite navigation satellites and applying the wind position service to sail the smart things”, giving full play to the comprehensive advantages of the industry associations, bringing together elite enterprises, bringing together expert wisdom, leading the industry, and advancing satellite navigation in China. The location service industry takes advantage of the situation and strides forward.

The cloud fox era is not only deeply loved in outdoor sports, but also popular in professional fields. The debut of the satellite navigation exhibition is to demonstrate the superior technology as the leading outdoor six-defense terminal equipment manufacturing enterprise in the industry. Other companies participating in the exhibition communicated with each other to jointly promote the popularity of Beidou navigation.

Cloud Fox has been committed to providing outdoor sports fans with better and more excellent mobile hardware. In the design and production of future mobile phone models, Yunfo Mobile will strive to provide outdoor outdoor enthusiasts with stronger outdoor navigation services.

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