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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of living standards, more and more urban successful people choose leisure and choose a healthy lifestyle; at home, the more they like to return to the natural and quiet rural scenery, enjoy a peaceful and warm life. The new standard incense snow series wardrobe combines the European-style classic and modern minimalist mix style, visually creating a relaxed and comfortable space atmosphere, functionally in line with the fast pace of urban people.

[brand] new standard home

[name] 2014 whole house integration customization

[Series] Xiangxue series

[Category] TV cabinet, wardrobe, wine cabinet, etc.

[Substrate] solid wood particle board (wood cabinet)

[style] Nordic pastoral style

New standard incense snow wardrobe

The doors and windows are made of high-quality aluminum with white baking finish. The base material used for the cabinet is solid wood particle board. The surface is decorated with high-quality melamine white paper. The surface is decorated with snow patterns and has a certain solid wood feel, creating a modern and rich. Nordic pastoral collection of natural flavors.

From the romantic tone of exotic countries - "Xiangxue"

Jane European style wardrobe design

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Xiangxue series products, as the name suggests, "fragrance" is taken from the "fragrance" of the famous French romantic place "Champs Elysees"; "Snow" is the most typical natural scenery in the Nordic scenery, and it is precisely the uniform color of this series - - Snow white. Xiangxue reflects a French white romantic atmosphere.

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