Thousand Yuan Korean style pastoral wardrobe elegant temperament

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Girls like romantic sweet pastoral style wardrobes , while ensuring the appearance, the price can not be too expensive. There are still more choices for the thousand-yuan Korean wardrobe. To have an elegant princess temperament and buy a lot of clothes, it is better to choose a Korean-style pastoral wardrobe.

Rustic wardrobe

Reference price : 1152 yuan

Brand : Dejia

Size : 921*587*2066mm

Product Comments : This wardrobe drawer slide is a three-section ball slide, light, silent, durable, and never deformed; the carving works are beautiful and smooth, the lines are clear, and a princess-like pastoral painting is outlined.

Bedroom wardrobe design

(Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Reference price : 1680 yuan

Brand : actually IKEA

Size : 1525*620*2170mm

Product Comments : Pure and flawless white, simple vertical lines, but it looks very comfortable, no artificial, this is the simplest rural style, but the feeling is not simple. In addition, it is three-door, but there are hidden drawers inside.

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