How to choose the correct output screen angle

In order to avoid hitting the net, in theory, the color difference between the two colors should be 22.5 degrees, but the practice proved that the four angles of 15 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees, and 90 degrees are effective, and the yellow version has weak visual stimuli. , The visual sensitivity is poor, so it is generally set to 90 degrees, the visual most sensitive to the 45-degree angle, the main color of the original magenta or cyan is generally set to 45 degrees.

For example, for the blue sky and white clouds, the cyan version should be set at 45 degrees. For the sunset and setting sun, the magenta version should be set to 45 degrees, and the magenta and blue ones should be set to a non-45 degree angle. For 15 degrees, the black version is set to 75 degrees.

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