Talking about: value-added points of pre-press and post-press technology

Value-added points of prepress technology

The value-added points of prepress technology are mainly reflected in the innovation of prepress technology. In order to obtain a good value-added point, it is necessary to combine innovative ideas and innovative content, according to the scalability of the digital attributes of modern printed product content and the characteristics of "resources of digital content, cross-media transmission, and diversified product expression" , Take the content expressed by the printed products as a sustainable application resource, develop and utilize the content resources in an all-round and in-depth way, make all kinds of media forms closely combine with the superior content resources, and integrate e-commerce and online media propaganda Promotion, through the digitization of content to provide users with high-quality, efficient and diversified products, such as variable data printing and on-demand printing. As another simple example, in large format, if you have already introduced a proofing device, why not use it to copy exquisite artwork or photos for customers at the same time? In this way, more business can be developed on limited customer resources.

Of course, technological innovation requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and also considers the market factors faced after technological innovation, there are also certain risks. But in any case, how domestic printing companies use advanced pre-press technology to achieve advanced equipment application optimization, printing process innovation, etc. to improve their value-added points has become the key to the core competitiveness of printing companies.

Value-added points of post-press technology

Relatively speaking, the risk of adding value after printing is slightly smaller. In the printing industry, the long-established resource allocation model of enterprises always prioritizes pre-press, then in-press, and finally recognizes post-press. But in recent years, the continuous development of the industry has also prompted more printing companies to pay attention to this process after printing. So, how to reflect the value-added point after printing?

The binding process after printing is responsible for the final decoration processing tasks of various types of printed materials, and is also related to the use value, reading value and collection value of printed materials, especially books and periodicals. The diversification and complexity of post-press processes have gradually developed towards high-precision technology. For example, the luxury binding, special-shaped binding, wireless binding or wire binding binding hardcover appearing in the whole book binding method, and the soft hardcover with empty back processing and non-stick cloth. Actually, I don't need to say more, everyone knows. In the future printing, post-press is not only a post-press process, but also an important art processing process and a key link to greatly increase the value of the printing value chain. If the whole printing process is a dragon, then post-printing is the finishing touch that can make this dragon take off. Only in this way can each printing company position post-press to truly realize the importance of post-press in future printing and the value-added value of post-press investment.

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