Technical advantages of direct offset printing of fine corrugated cardboard

With the development of the technology of offset printing of fine corrugated board, it will replace flexo printing in certain areas of corrugated box printing. The printing quality of direct offset printing is better than that of flexo printing, and the cost is relatively low. In terms of quality and cost, direct offset printing is between flexo printing and first offset printing between two processing methods.

Compared with the traditional color flexo printing process, direct offset printing has obvious advantages:

1. Excellent printing quality, can print very fine text and lines.

2. The printing cost is low, the offset printing adopts the conventional PS plate to make the plate making cost is low, the high standardization of offset printing helps to reduce the production cost.

3. Various special promotional information can be printed with improved performance.

4. The time for installing and adjusting the machine is short, and the short version is more economical.

Compared with the processing method of cotton paper offset printing and corrugated paper mounting, the advantages of offset printing direct printing fine corrugated cardboard are:

1. The cost of mounting is eliminated, and the reduction of the process reduces the waste of materials accordingly.

2. The amount of paper added is relatively small.

3. Since no additional work process is required, the entire printing processing time is relatively shortened, and the efficiency is improved.

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