Export electrical appliance requirements for packaging box design and materials

Wooden crates are generally used in the trade of various kinds of import and export goods. Because of the special nature of some goods, the wooden crates of goods must also be specially planned. At the time of planning the packaging, the main features of the product were analyzed, and the characteristics of the precious glass equipment installed in the export electrical goods were analyzed. For the sensation and impact during the long-distance transportation, the equipment was damaged, and the wooden structure packaging box with the earthquake-proof function was planned and supplied. Make skill conditions. The wooden materials (such as plywood, fiberboard, etc.) that have been synthetically processed by heating, pressing, etc., may be outside, and the cores, sawdust, wood wool, wood shavings, etc., and wood materials with a thickness equal to or less than 6 mm may be included. In order to reduce the amount of material used, the company selected the density of the micro-foaming technique to reduce the density of the material and through the skill of the mold to produce fine through-holes in the profile. The exterior can use paint or ink printing skills for decoration and maintenance. During this period, the printing skills can not only get a wooden box and stone grain that is very vivid, but because the ink penetrates into the data, the appearance scratches in a certain range will not have a large appearance. influences. There is no damage in the use of the marked goods and packaging boxes, oscillations and shock loads will occur during the transportation process, and the temperature and humidity will also change, which must be considered in the planning process. The shape plan must be beautiful and smooth. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of cracks due to climate change in the customary climate change in different regions. The wooden packing box plan, the wooden crates material, and the wooden crates are produced according to the above requirements. Carton planning.

Rubber Bushings, usually called Rubber Sleeve BearingRubber Sway Bar BearingRubber Damper,Rubber Flange Bearing, Rubber Plain Bearing,etc, is a fixed or removable cylindrical lining used to constrain, guide, or reduce friction toprotect an inside surface, which is known as an insulating lining for a hole through which a conductor passes and an adapter threaded to permit joining of pipes with different diameters.often with screws. 

Rubber Bushing

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