a look that is disappointing in the eyes of boys

a look that is disappointing in the eyes of boys

Olivia Palermo and her fiancé Johannes Hubl

In fact, he does not buy your makeup!

It happens that you have bought a new popular color lipstick, or you want to win the boyfriend for the smoky makeup you just mastered, but sometimes the actual situation is that you don’t buy it at all! The difference between men and women is large, and even the aesthetic standards for makeup are different. Today, five "boyfriends" from different industries are invited to spit out the terrible makeup of his girlfriend. Let's take a look at the irresistible alternative makeup in the eyes of boys!

a look that is disappointing in the eyes of boys

Slot 1: The pale and pale face can't stand it straight!

My boyfriend said: I really don't understand that my girlfriend will paint the skin color so white, and some will look like the makeup is very thick, like singing, isn't it natural?

The editor said: a white cover three ugly? Sometimes it's not necessarily true. A big white face with too much skin color is not only ugly, but also scares away boyfriend. Look at the actress makeup in the Korean drama, you will find that the clear and moist foundation is the king.

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