What is sports wood flooring?

The so-called sports wood floor refers to the wood floors used in stadiums and fitness clubs and other places. Its materials, manufacturing processes, and laying methods all have their own special requirements. The development of sports wood floors has long been international in history. It has developed from single-layer, two-layer and three-layer sports wood floor to multi-layer sports wood floor which is widely popular in the world today.


There is a big difference between sports wood floors and civil wood floors. The structure of sports wood floors is complex and there are many layers, which require high physical and mechanical properties of materials. The sports wood floor is composed of panels, wool boards, keels, elastic cushions and the like, and its structure is complicated. According to the performance requirements can be divided into suspension test, fixed test, fixed suspension test.

According to relevant experts, not only sports flooring is required to be placed in the arena of the competition, but also in the general public fitness venues, it is also necessary to attach importance to the application of sports wood floors, because the other floors provided by the sports wood floor do not have functions. Sports wood floor has three basic functions of sports, protection and technology.

First, the protection function

The impulse generated by a person in motion acts on the plane of the wooden floor to cause vibration. The structure of the sports wooden floor must have a vibration absorption function, that is, when the person jumps up and down to the wooden floor, it is more than 53%; the medium amount is absorbed by the wooden floor. In order to protect people's ankles, meniscus, spine, brain and other parts, so that people will not be injured during exercise; vibration deformation and extension of the deformation function so that a person does not affect the adjacent people on the wooden floor; on the floor The surface material is selected, moderate hardness and softness, slight deformation, long fiber structure (not easy to puncture) species, can prevent the skin of the body of the injury; slip characteristics, to ensure the stability of the body's movement, too Shibuya too Slip is not qualified.

Second, sports function

Indoor rules for ball games require that the use of the ground for sports competitions or training, such as basketball and other ball movements and the rebound of the ball, requires the rebound of the ball on the sports floor and rebound on the concrete floor, compare the coefficient value Should be greater than or equal to 90%.

Third, technical functions

The load-bearing load and solidified service life of sports wood flooring must meet the requirements of competition and training. When the sports facilities such as basketball hoop and fitness equipment are moved on the wooden floor, the surface and structure of the wooden floor will not be damaged.

The three functions of sports wood flooring make sports wood floors not only conducive to the development of sports events, but also provide the best protection for the athletes' body.

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