Rapid and powerful removable barcode printer

Sato Europe launched the MB200i and MB201i, two removable bar code printers that print at 103 mm/s in 203-point-per-inch format, which is said to be the world's fastest printer to date.

The MB200i has a maximum print width of 67 millimeters, while the MB201i has 58 millimeters. Interface connections include infrared, Bluetooth, and WLAN, allowing users to enjoy wireless connectivity.

Its strong design is also worthy of attention. Although weigh only 400 grams, its new polycarbonate outer package offers the high performance required for mobile applications, even under extreme printing conditions, from -15 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Sato said the two coders are also suitable for retail and logistics applications.

Source: Packaging Machinery

Cast iron weight plate

There are various types of Weight Plates to suit your preferences. Standard Iron Weights are made of cast iron and are extremely durable. Featuring a handy easy pick up design, Grip Iron Weight Plates are a handy alternative for faster weight changes or if you wish to use the weight for exercises without the bar, such as triceps curls.

15kg Tri Grip Metal Weight Plates

Cast Iron Weight Plates

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