Vacuum packaging makes fresh vegetables readily available

In four minutes, a hot fresh vegetable can be prepared. Del Monte Fresh Produce NA of Coral Gables, Fla., introduced three different fresh-cut vegetables. This series of products uses vacuum packaging trays, which can greatly extend the shelf life without using any preservatives, additives or other chemicals. According to Matt Smith, deputy director of marketing at Del Monte Fresh Produce, “Consumers are most likely to find it convenient. Nowadays, microwave foods are everywhere on the shelves of supermarkets. This new type of film packaging system can provide a quick way to cook vegetables. , and can guarantee excellent results."

Del Monte's fresh microwave vegetable line produces products including baby carrots; vegetable chopsticks, baby carrots, broccoli and cauliflower; and mixed vegetables, including baby carrots, cauliflower, and candied peas. There are 6 ounces and 12 ounces respectively. These colorful fresh-cut vegetables are packed in a plastic tray with a thin film lid. This package is provided by Sealed Air (). Remove the production time, you can also have a 10-day shelf life. Although Del Monte Fresh Produce did not disclose the specific structure of the packaging material, they said that this “close-to-fit” vacuum packaging was so compact that when the vegetables were heated in a microwave oven, the film would swell, creating a “condenser room” that would allow The vegetables inside are evenly heated. Smith said, "Finally, a dish full of fragrant, delicious vegetables was made."

Smith said that the company has spent six months developing this product. The biggest challenge is to “get the best combination of tastes and provide consumers with a valuable product. At that time, we have to determine the correct product. Weight and corresponding product packaging so that it is possible to reasonably control the heating time of microwave ovens and provide a competitive price.” He added that packaging requirements include a short heating time, a shelf life from the normal refrigerated transport to the store, It is long and can "provide consumers with a good food experience."

The label of the product is a cardboard sleeve covering approximately one-third of the entire tray, making vacuum-packed vegetables still visible. The above pattern was designed by Del Monte Fresh Produce to focus on enhancing the "fresh" concept and highlighting the convenience of the product, which can be prepared in just four minutes.

The product was first tested for six weeks in grocery stores in the Midwestern United States. The production line was formally introduced on June 1 and 2006 continues to be promoted nationwide. The price of 6 ounces is 1.99 US dollars, 12 ounces of the price is 2.99 US dollars.

Source: Packaging Expo

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