Heat sealing adhesive automatic shearing pliers


The heat-sealing automatic shearing package clamp includes a plate handle, a handlebar, an upper jaw opening, and a lower jaw hinged on the jaw axis, and is fixed on the handlebar. The wrench and the upper jaw are hinged at the same time by the hot head shaft, the hot head is arranged between the upper jaw and the lower jaw, one end is fixed on the wrench, one end of the positioning plate is hinged with the wrench, the other end is pressed against the positioning spring, positioning plate The upper surface matches with the jaw shaft, and the jaw shaft passes through the sliding groove in the handlebar. A torsion spring is arranged between the toggle handle and the handlebar, and the fixed scissors mouth is fixed on the lower jaw, and the joint is matched with the fixed scissors mouth. One end of the scissors mouth is hinged with one end of the transmission rod, and the other end of the transmission rod is hinged on the handlebar. The packing clamp overcomes the defects that the existing heat sealing and adhesive packing device must be matched with the tape cutting device, the use is troublesome, and the packing joint is easy to tear during the handling of the packing, the design structure is compact, the movement is reliable, and the package quality is Significantly improved.

Source: China Packaging News

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