Packaging of goods (2)

Basic requirements for packaging

First, large packaging (or transport packaging)

1, commonly used types

Carton, wooden box, calcium plastic box, metal box barrel, plastic tank barrel, sack, film or woven bag, rattan basket, bamboo basket and so on.

2, requirements

(1) The weight, volume and shape should conform to the regulations of the transportation department and be convenient for loading, unloading, transporting and stacking.
(2) Packaging materials and structures must have adequate and adequate load margins, with conventional resistance to weight, pressure, impact and leakage. Nails, bars, sticks, hoops, and lids must be tightly secured to prevent loosening, deformation, and loss during storage and transportation.

(3) Take special measures to meet the special requirements of special commodities such as moisture-proof, shockproof, heat-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-volatility, and air-breathing.

Second, small packaging (or sales packaging)

(Some products still have medium packaging, which is between the large package and the small package. It is a transitional form in the sales process and often does not meet consumers directly.)

1, commonly used types

Various bags, tubes, boxes, bottles, cans made of paper, plastic, glass, metal and composite materials. There are also various small packages made of bamboo, wood, textiles or various natural products.

2, requirements

(1) must meet the product characteristics

According to the nature of different products and the use of methods, require the use of different materials and types. Anti-corrosion, anti-pollution of other things, there are anti-shrinkage, anti-adhesion, anti-volatility, anti-mildew, moisture-proof, there is shock and collision wear, light protection. Such as convenience foods and pastry packaging, materials must be non-toxic, sealed after strict disinfection, need a good air tightness, oil separation, and some still need oxygen, in order to extend the shelf life. The type should also be adapted to the circumstances. Perfume should not be used in wide-mouth bottles or bags. It can only be used in bottles with a small mouth or a spray device. If the clay sculptures are packed in sealed iron jars, the artistic features of the clay figurines will not be displayed. It would be much better to use windowed carton packs.

(2) The packaging capacity should be adapted to the consumer's usual volume and normal consumption time after unpacking

Excessive capacity cannot be consumed in time, causing waste. Too little capacity increases consumer's cost burden on packaging products, which is not economical, because after all, the product is the main target of purchase. However, the amount used and the normal consumption time vary from customer to customer. The canteen or rice shop and the family of three have very different packaging capacities for MSG. The former requires 500 grams, and the latter welcomes 15 grams or 30 grams. Grams of packaging. Therefore, it is also necessary to prepare a series of packaging of various specifications according to different purchase targets to meet a variety of different needs.

(3) has a strong attraction and good publicity

The packaging design and color design should be eye-catching, lively, healthy, novel and distinctive. Not only package the United States alone, but the display effect of the group is better. Highlight the subject, promote the introduction of the text of this product, and strive to be truthful and concise, to enable the product's performance characteristics to be promptly and accurately poured into the mind of the customer, resulting in a profound impression of “keeping in sight”.

The strong attraction and good publicity of packaging do not necessarily have to increase the cost of packaging. The key is to improve the design level.

(4) Improve the design level of packaging structure

The form is clever and reasonable, and the structure is simple and scientific. Commodity packaging should fully provide consumers with the convenience of carrying and gripping, open up labor-saving, easy to dump, and use residual or post-containment re-encapsulation protection. The form of the small package should also consider the ease of packing and shipping requirements for large packages.

(5) Improve the value factor of packaging

Design reuse packaging and packaging, standardize packaging, and increase the value and economic benefits of packaging. Under the premise of not increasing or seldom increasing the burden on consumers, after packaging products have fulfilled the task of packaging goods, they can use them for other purposes, doing other supplies, toys or furnishings. Such as Zhenjiang pickles with hot water cups; Shi Guogong wine porcelain hollow containers filled; Long live wine containers using Celadon Santan Yinyue vase modeling; Some marble sugar loaded in non-toxic plastic small animal pistol hollow containers; Packaging, changed to stationery, tea cans and other daily necessities, welcomed by consumers. However, in terms of packaging and reuse, we cannot reverse the priorities, and we must use our brains to make use of them. In particular, office supplies and medicines, which are often reimbursed at public expense, should not be packaged and reused in a way that greatly increases packaging costs. . Some frequently used products, such as screwdrivers, wire cutters, adjustable wrenches, and small hammers, can be designed to fit in the same package and form a "common kit." Pencils, knives, erasers, and small brushes can be used to form stationery boxes for elementary school students. Perfume, lipstick, powder, nail polish, pearl cream, eyebrow pencils and small mirrors can be matched into a makeup box. Treads, small folders, small jackets, caps, quilts, and single-piece diapers can be combined to form a "welcome baby" baby bag. Combining these various kinds of different products used in a single package allows consumers to save time and effort without having to purchase separately, and give full play to the versatility of the package, which is not only convenient for customers, but also can double the sales of products.

The implementation of standardization of packaging can significantly increase economic efficiency. For example, after trials of the “General Cotton Box”, the size of the needle cotton box was reduced from the original more than 1,300 kinds to 27 types. Only one knitted underwear from Tianjin and Tianjin City can save more than one million yuan in packaging fees in a year. yuan.

(6) Difference between inside and outside

To improve the level of packaging and pay attention to the effect of packaging, to domestic sales of goods, should be based on the principle of diligence and thrift, reduce the burden on consumers, reduce the country's human and material consumption, in addition to gifts, the general packaging cost should not account for a large proportion, it is appropriate, In order to give more benefits to the people for the purpose of the purpose. To export goods for export, under the premise of marketable and quality-guaranteed products, we must make great efforts in packaging materials, modeling, craftsmanship, and packaging, so as to have a strong competitive edge in the international market, and the cost of packaging can be adjusted to the quality of goods. Properly increase the proportion. Such as Shaoxing old wine. In the past, with the black-and-white fall of the pottery, if you want to buy it, you have to carry an altar to it - fifty pounds. Nowadays, it has been transformed into small packages of various capacities. It is packed in carved gardens with oriental art features. A flower basket is added on the outside. It is magnificent and quaint. It gives noble wines a more mysterious and noble sense, which is consistent with the constant consumption of consumers. Easy to carry, more suitable for gifts treasures. The same wine, worth more than ten times, sales will be better. Although domestic packaging costs have increased, foreign exchange earnings have increased significantly.

In addition to the selection of suitable packaging materials and advanced packaging technology, the following points must be noted in the art design in the export package:

a. Inherit traditions and continue to innovate. It is adept at absorbing the strengths of foreign packaging, but it can't simply copy foreigners' foreign flavors. It should combine the strong sense of the times with our country's national style and have the cultural and artistic features of our Chinese nation. Only nationality can be universal.

b. We must earnestly study the local conditions and customs of all ethnic groups in various countries, and vote for the best and the best. For example, in terms of color, Northwest Europe likes elegant shades; East, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan like to symbolize festive red; North Korea likes white talking colors; dark colors mean funerals; Germany’s love of blue is like China’s love of red; Islam in the region is jealous of yellow and yellow is the symbol of death; Egypt loves the green and blue orchids, and Ilan stands for the devil; Brazil thinks purple symbolises sadness, blue means despair, and dark brown means unfortunate. There are also many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Finland and other countries, with no special preference for color. In the pattern, the Italian taboo chrysanthemum, Japan bogey lotus, some countries in North Africa bogey use the dog as a trademark, Islamic regions do not use the pig as a decoration pattern, the British bogey portraits as a commodity decoration. The Czech Republic uses the red triangle as a poisonous mark, and the Turkish General Green Triangle says "free samples." The White Crane symbolizes auspiciousness in China, while in India, the White Crane is devalued as a representative of hypocrites, just as the turtle was popular in Japan as the image of Geely. The people of Hong Kong love to discuss Geely, and they especially like patterns or shapes such as "Fuhou" and "Goldfish." Because the goldfish homophonic sound is "more than enough gold," there is a connotation of congratulations for getting rich. In packaging design, we must understand and respect each other's customs and likes and dislikes to avoid unsalable goods and even cause unnecessary trouble.

c. To improve the level of foreign language translation, the foreign language on the packaging must be accurate. A factory exported "pineapple pieces" cans, and the word "crumb" was translated into English, meaning "broken", and foreign businessmen met with groans. There is also a factory that produces and sells famous wines. On the packaging, the ancient Chinese famous wine is translated into the "Certainly Outdated Chinese Famous Wine." How can there be such a humble and self-deprecating commodity propaganda in the world? And what foreigner will be so stupid and willing to pay for your "outdated" thing? Improper translation of the packaging text (as well as Hanyu Pinyin errors). This kind of situation has occurred from time to time, causing some jokes that both knock on the sign and damage the face, affecting the sale of export goods.

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