SIG Cooperras: Equipment slimming blower performance is not slim

The modular blow molding machine BLOMAX III series manufactured by SIG Company includes different numbers of blow-molded wheeled worktables such as 4-6-8, 10-12, 18-20, etc. Recently, SIG launched a new model - BLOMAX 24 . The machine is based on the existing BLOMAX 20 and does not require the addition of a new wheeled stage to run. Faster, Smaller, More Stable - These three words summarize the features of SIG's new BLOMAX 24 blow molding machine. A series of design features have enabled the new member of the BLOMX III family to achieve a production capacity of 43,200 bottles/minute.

When an engineer completes the design task for this machine, the primary consideration is how to increase its functionality without adding a corresponding footprint, so that customers can benefit from more cost-effective bottle production. They have come up with a brand new design concept, which enhances the stability of the BLOMAX 24 through a more solid structure, extending the life of the machine and further reducing equipment maintenance requirements. In general, all this makes the actual utility of the machine improved.

The compact structure allows the machine to be smaller. According to the design of the bottle type, the output of each blowing station can be up to 1800 bottles/hour. This new machine also has all the advantages of the BLOMAX III series, such as: a circulating mandrel for preform and bottle necking transmission, a cam-driven stretching rod without compressed air, a high-energy linear furnace with preformed reducing asphalt. Wait.

Blowing station new design

In order to achieve the slimming machine construction of the new blowing station, SIG engineers have made great efforts in designing the outside of the mold carrier of two adjacent meshing stations. The purpose is to make the overall size of the machine small and the width of the opening into the machine. Very full. In this way, BLOMAX 24 can be placed on the same footprint as the "normal" BLOMAX 20 series.

The new blowing station is fully compatible with Ecoshell's mold insertion equipment, so that the BLOMAX 24 is suitable for producing 2 litre capacity, 115 mm diameter bottles. The increase in performance enabled the 24-station machine to reach a capacity of 43,200 bottles/minute. In some special markets and applications, this new machine can be said to be a substitute for the BLOMAX 16D dual chamber machine.

The key to achieving such a high production capacity lies in several outstanding design methods. The transmission platform was modified to achieve higher machine performance. The transmission motion settings have been optimized to increase the number of transmission arms by 30% compared to the previous ones, with faster speed and less loss. With more transfer arms, the transfer station can maintain the original 1500 bottle/hour setting. Another innovation is that in each blowing station, the opening action and the lifting action can be directly matched to ensure the synchronization of the actions, which is a prerequisite for achieving a higher speed. The quality of the mold carrier (movement quality) is reduced by approximately 30%, which is also an element of the new concept of the machine. As a result, this new machine is not only designed to rotate faster, but is specifically designed to reach the goal of 1800 bottles per hour for each blow station, so that higher productivity does not result in any part of the machine. The load increased.

Save air

The compact and compact machine design and integrated AIRBACK air recirculation system reduce the static volume of the compressed air supply and reduce the air consumption, so that a smaller compressor can be used instead.

Quick adjustment system

The rapid adjustment system has reduced the time required for a complete product modification adjustment by 25%. This is also achieved thanks to a longitudinally adjustable stretch rod that does not require replacement of the stretch rods when producing bottles of different lengths. This allows each blow station to have a stretch rod to handle all lengths of bottles, further reducing the number of product-specific parts required for retrofitting.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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