UCB launches thin shrink film

UCB Thin Films has developed a new shrink-tight film to meet Europe’s growing demand for thin cigarette wrapping films.

Since the tobacco company commissioned the manufacture of new packaging equipment to upgrade the existing production line, the perfect effect of the new low-thickness film is achievable. As DSD packages contain weight requirements, a new generation of thin films has long been popular in Germany, which can bring cost and performance benefits.

For example, UCB Films' "Ballo" shrink-tight GLT 16 film is the only film that combines low thickness with controllable shrinkage. The ability to control the contraction means that the GLT is tightly placed on the cigarette case without time, without shrinkage, without wrinkles, and maintains a good cigarette case appearance. Equally important, this film maintains a high level of seal integrity, which allows the GLT16 to have extended shelf-life barrier performance equivalent to a standard 20 micron film. Chris Hooley, business manager of OPP outsourcing foils at UCB Films, said: "This is a special film developed specifically for the cigarette market. It can meet the needs of thin films without compromising performance and appearance."

Baoluo GLT 16 is resistant to solvents and has a good optical effect and can be safely used in vending machines.

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