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Lightweight outdoor newest drugs: Spector Pullov

Lightweight outdoor is the direction of outdoor product development. The most advanced functional fabrics and clothing technology are often first applied to such products of major manufacturers. The Specter Pullover recently launched by Patagonia is one of the best in this category.

"Phantom" pullovers are designed for lightweight hiking, travel, rock climbing and off-road racing activities. Therefore, the design idea is based on simplicity, giving up any unnecessary redundancy. The pullover comes with a hood and a horizontally open pocket underneath the 1/4-long watertight zipper on the chest, which is used for both storage and clothing. Pullover fabric is 2.5 layers of 20x22 Daniel nylon and 40 denier nylon thread blended. In the middle layer, Patagonia's patented waterproof breathable H2No? HB film is applied. The outer layer of fabric is treated with standard DWR water repellent coating. Pullovers were made using CSS seamless adhesive technology introduced by Patagonia in spring of 2005. The entire garment does not have a pinhole and a sewing thread, all of which are bound together with a high-strength adhesive.

The last thing to point out is that the coat weighs 185 grams! While its price is inversely proportional to its weight, pre-tax prices in North America are as high as $225.

The following figure shows the real shot of the pullover during storage

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