A new type of hot stamping machine designed for flexibility and short production cycle

The new PE-1000/TT hot stamping machine is aimed at a short-term demand market with a one-off production cycle. This machine follows the consistent professional technology of Kurz and has the same economic advantages.

An example of this "hot stamping on demand" process is the injection signboard for water meters. The printed pattern is directly printed on a transparent polyester substrate with a bar code machine and then stamped onto the nameplate. In the same step, a protective layer is printed at the same time. This solvent-free process can print up to 10,000 badges per hour. Since each individual pattern can be designed independently, this technology creates unlimited possibilities for application, especially when the components need to be traced separately during the use period (for example, automotive and electrical components and more and more medical equipment components). Suitable for.

New PE-1000/TT hot stamping machine

In the case of applying this technique in water meter cases, the bar code machine is controlled directly by the PC. It can also be controlled through the company's local area network (LAN) if needed. Once the barcode machine transfers the pattern from the thermal transfer foil to the substrate, the machine control unit will send the pattern forward to the hot stamping position where the design will be stamped onto the nameplate together with the protective topcoat. The entire process takes one step. carry out. In order to ensure that the pattern is accurately positioned on the part, the barcode reader will print a positioning mark on the substrate.

Because it is necessary to meet the needs of small-scale production and processing, PE-1000/TT sets up a manual delivery system. The operator can also check when removing stampings. Kurz also added automatic delivery and receiving equipment for this machine to suit large-scale production.

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