Method and Feasibility of Recycling of FRP Edge

In the past more than a decade, major foreign fiberglass professional publications have frequently reported articles on the recycling and utilization of glass fiber reinforced plastics. There are many types of products involved, including unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic, and other thermosetting resins, glass fiber reinforced plastics, and many thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced plastics. Variety; Molded products, SMC products, but also scrapped auto parts and so on.

In short, the research experiments and production practices of many foreign manufacturers have proved that FRP composite materials can be recycled and recycled and can be reused. However, in China, the recycling of glass fiber reinforced plastic scrap is still a blank. There is no enterprise or place for recycling scrap corners, and there is no plan to recycle corner scrap. At present, although the environmental pollution problem in China's FRP industry is not as serious as it is in foreign countries, it must also be given attention by the relevant departments and the glass steel industry.

Since its development in 1958, China's glass steel industry has so far had a certain scale of production. According to statistics, the annual output has exceeded 350,000 tons. If the service life of FRP products is calculated in 20 years, some of the glass steel products around 1980 will gradually enter the newer period.

In 1980, China's glass fiber reinforced plastic output was about 15,000 tons, of which a part is currently being scrapped or replaced. In addition to the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, there will always be a small amount of scrap, which should be calculated based on 0.5% of total production. About 0.175 million tons; coupled with the production of glass and steel products when the scrap rate, which is related to the company's production technology, product variety and production process and other factors, if calculated by 1%, there should be about 0.35 million tons. Therefore, it is roughly estimated that at present, China's domestic FRP scrap and scrapped products will be at least 10,000 tons per year. And, this figure will also increase year by year.

Over the past few years, China's glass steel scrap material disposal methods, there are two kinds of buried method and combustion method .

The burial method is to find some wasteland to dig pits and cover land, which is a waste of land resources and wastes manpower, material resources, and financial resources.

In the combustion method , low-boiling point solvents are sprinkled on the scrap of FRP scraps and burned, which greatly pollutes the atmosphere.

Based on the above situation, it is suggested whether several FRP recovery and treatment stations can be built in China to collect and recycle the FRP waste from the surrounding areas, and crushing, grinding, sieving, and other processes. At the same time, these recycled and recycled materials are also introduced. Used for hand-paste or SMC molding process and its ratio.

I think that such a plan to deal with FRP scrap is feasible. The reasons are as follows:

The first is that there are so many waste products that can be disposed of and need to be dealt with, which has certain social benefits;

The second is that it is also feasible in terms of economic benefits. Because the glass-steel scraps are processed, they contain about 40%-50% of glass fiber and solidified resin powder. These recycled materials are used in the production of FRP composite materials. Valuable fillers can be used as additives to reduce cure shrinkage, but also as an additive to improve the surface properties or rigidity of FRP.

Of course, in the implementation of the establishment of the station, it must be supported by the relevant government departments, as well as the joint cooperation of the glass and steel enterprises, to make a unified plan and coordinate with each other, so that the plan to turn waste into treasure can be implemented well.

After entering the 21st century, all countries in the world are very concerned about and attach importance to the protection of the environment. They all use the unprecedented sense of historical responsibility and mission to treat the environmental protection issues of the earth on which human beings live and reproduce.

In the FRP industry, we must not only make our contribution in the construction of the environment, but also make our contribution to environmental improvement and protection. This proposal of mine is only for reference and is only for the reference of the glass steel counterparts and related departments. (Author: Wengzu Qi)

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