A preliminary study on the road of clothing label and tag digital printing


With the increasingly fierce market competition, garment manufacturers must constantly work on the two elements of “fast” and “fashion”. “High speed, small batch, multi-style” has become a production mode generally followed by garment manufacturers. This rapid production mode requires the replacement of the quantity, design, fabric, color and other factors of the product at any time, so it is inevitable that the clothing label and the label printing enterprise should also change to the same production mode. This change has been proposed for clothing labels and tag printing enterprises. New issues and challenges.

Current status

At present, the process of producing labels and tags for traditional clothing labels and tag printing companies is as follows: First, the order is obtained from the customer or the client. The order will specify the specifications and contents of the label and tag, and sometimes the designed ones will be provided. Document layout; clothing label and tag printing enterprises only need to carry out design imposition, traditional printing, die cutting and other processes according to the specific requirements of the order, and finally obtain clothing labels and tag products. Since the conventional printing has a certain amount of printing, if the order quantity is less than the printing quantity, it will be wasteful.

The emergence of desktop bar code printers or desktop label printers has enabled the production of clothing labels and tags to usher in a new era of “printing by sheet”, the flexibility of production is met, and the production cost is reduced. Since some orders require the label printed with the variable information to be attached to the corresponding tag, and because the clothing tag and the label do not change "every piece" like the ordinary personalized label, one specification uses the same variable, but Products of the same specification and different batches may adopt different styles, but they are relatively fixed. Therefore, the use of “desktop printing equipment combined with traditional printing technology” has become the mainstream production method of clothing label and tag printing enterprises. In addition, the clothing label and tag will also involve the logical layout of the “ingredient table” and the “washing label”. It is necessary to logically organize the customer database, and also consider the economic requirements of different order groups. This is also the other variable information label. Features not included in the order. At present, clothing label and tag printing companies generally cooperate with desktop publishing software, and then use the "copy and paste" manual method to make tags and labels of different specifications, but this method is very error-prone, once you forget to modify or correct the label, tag The information will cause considerable economic losses to the garment manufacturing enterprises, which will cause great trouble to the entrusting party and clothing label and tag printing enterprises.

The above-mentioned production methods can basically meet the order requirements for garment manufacturers to change the design or add new styles according to seasonal changes and require labels and tags. Because the production cycle of clothing manufacturers changing design or adding new styles is generally longer, the delivery cycle for labels and tag orders will be longer and the demand will be larger than digital printing. And the cost critical point of traditional printing, so the cost of using traditional printing methods will be more economical.

New trend analysis

However, as the clothing industry gradually shifts to the "high-speed, small-volume, multi-style" production mode, the production methods of clothing labels and tag printing enterprises gradually appear to be "powerless", as shown below.

In the "high speed" production mode, from the accurate identification of fashion trends to the new fashion that will cater to fashion trends, Hyundai Express Clothing Co., Ltd. can be completed in only two weeks (in the traditional clothing production mode, The cycle should be as long as 4 to 12 months). This has higher requirements for the delivery cycle of clothing labels, tags and packaging identification labels. From accepting orders to delivering goods to door-to-door, clothing labels and tag printing companies often have only a short 3 to 5 days of production time, especially for emergency replenishment cases, the delivery time will be shorter.

“Small batch” is also one of the important features of the new production model. The biggest feature of fashion is changeable, and the clothing that can touch the desire of consumers to buy is always in the state of “out of stock”. The key point is that the production quantity of each garment is very small, and each garment has The world's unique ID and corresponding identification code information, and this information is reflected in the label and tag of the clothing. The impact of this on clothing labels and tag printing companies is that each batch of orders is short and has variable information.

The new clothing production model does not pursue the production quantity of each garment, but focuses on the “diversity” of the style. Today's apparel manufacturers typically offer more than 1,000 apparels a month, twice a week, to ensure a fresh sense of freshness for consumers. In order to comply with such customer needs, clothing label and tag printing companies will often be in the process of “changing production”.

It can be seen that the new clothing production model puts forward higher requirements for clothing label and tag printing enterprises, that is, variable data printing of thousands of small batch orders in a very short delivery cycle. At this time, if the traditional printing method is still adopted, not only the implementation cost is very high, but also it is difficult to ensure that the order is completed in good quality and quantity within the prescribed time. The emergence of digital printing machines has increased the “flexibility” for the production of clothing labels and tag printing companies, and provided a guarantee for adapting to the new mode of garment production.

Digital printing implementation

1. Purchase digital printing machine

To carry out digital printing of clothing labels and tags, clothing labels and tag printing enterprises must first select a suitable digital printing machine. Although the production requirements of each clothing label and tag printing company are different, they basically cover the following three basic needs.

(1) Can adapt to a wide range of substrates. Digital presses should be able to print a wide range of paper, PET and PVC films, and even some special fabrics, with a wide acceptance of the basis weight and thickness of the substrate, in order to meet the needs of various orders.

(2) Good print quality and color performance. Clothing labels and hang tags are small, but they have both patterns and texts, as well as variable information and barcodes. If you can't have good print quality and color performance, you can't meet the fashion and high quality demands of the apparel industry.

(3) Flexible and powerful printing solutions. In addition to ensuring basic after-sales service quality, digital press suppliers should be able to provide comprehensive printing including variable data printing, digital security printing and material finishing according to changes in market demand and production needs of apparel labels and tag manufacturers. solution.

The above three points are only basic requirements. In addition, when clothing labels and tag printing companies purchase digital printing machines, they should also analyze and reasonably purchase according to the actual situation of the company.

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