What fabric is polyester fiber? Advantages and disadvantages of polyester fiber

Nowadays, there are more and more types of fabrics for clothes, and people pay more and more attention to the material and health of fabrics when they purchase. Each fabric has a different effect and a natural level of comfort. The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will introduce a polyester fiber fabric for everyone, what kind of fabric is polyester fiber, what are its advantages and disadvantages, don't worry, and listen to Xiaobian!


Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber made of a polyester linear polymer, which comprises two materials: one is an aliphatic polyester fiber having an aromatic ring, and the other is a wholly aromatic polyester dimension. In China, polyester fiber has another name, namely polyester.

Advantages of polyester fiber:

Polyester fiber has a particularly good textile performance and performance, and its use is quite extensive. People can use polyester fiber for pure textile production; of course, polyester fiber and other natural fibers such as cotton, wool, hemp, or other chemical fibers can be used for weaving, so that various kinds can be produced. It has strong and scratching, non-ironing, easy to wash and easy to wear and can be worn with particularly good imitation wool, imitation silk, or imitation linen fabric.


Disadvantages of polyester fiber:

First, the hygroscopicity of polyester fibers is particularly poor, and when people wear clothes woven from polyester fibers, there is a feeling of sultry heat. At the same time, clothes made of polyester fibers are particularly susceptible to static electricity and are prone to dust, which is particularly disadvantageous for their aesthetics and comfort.

Second, the polyester fabric has better heat resistance, and its thermoplasticity is also particularly good. It can be used to make pleated skirts, and the pleats are particularly durable. However, its resistance to hydrolysis is particularly poor. If you encounter soot, or substances such as Mars, there will be holes in the clothing made of polyester fiber, which is a fatal defect of polyester fiber.

About the related knowledge of polyester fiber , the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian introduced you to this, although there are shortcomings, but a little bit is still a lot, we will often use it in our life! For more related knowledge, please pay attention to the life encyclopedia!

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