Choose furniture to see here 2016 home fashion color

The color of the fashion world affects the entire design circle, whether it is product design or interior design. If you are a person who loves fashion and fashion, just if you are ready to buy furniture in 2016, then you must look over and show you this year. The popular home color helps you buy the furniture to follow the world trend.

First, the color system

Recently Pantone released the 2016 annual color: Serenity (color: 13-1520) and powder crystal (also known as rose powder, Rose Quartz, color number: 15-3919), this is the first time PANTONE launched two Annual color.


Serenity (color: 13-1520) and powder crystal (also known as rose powder, Rose Quartz, color number: 15-3919), this is the first time PANTONE has launched two annual colors.

Twilight pink

This reminds me of those sisters who love to sell Meng! The older they are, the more they like this.

Popular colors of each year

Every year's popular color predictions have attracted the attention of design circles and fashion-loving people.

Pink blue dress

The combination of light pink and light blue makes people more young and literary, and reveals a little sweetness!

Popular color furniture

The application of popular colors in furniture design is not cute.

Popular color furniture

The use of popular colors in furniture design makes the furniture look more warm and simple.

Popular color furniture accessories

If you want to carry the popular colors to the end in your home life, then these popular color home accessories are your must.

Fashion color home

The use of popular colors in home design

Popular color home furnishing

Popular color sofa

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Second, camel

In socializing, camel always makes it easy to exude a subtle sense of the city, stylish and noble. The wardrobe of women over the age of 25 is indispensable for the presence of camel. It is the basic color of versatility, which allows you to show a refreshing and atmospheric side with simple clothing.


Like bright colors such as red and green, camel is also from nature, from the deserts of the sky, tough rocks... But interestingly, this color from nature has a very urban flavor.

Camel home

The use of camel home in home design reveals a warm and classical charm.

Camel home

Third, the natural color

The environmental problems of the earth are receiving more and more attention. Insects, leaves, return to nature, full of oxygen patterns. The earth needs rest, and we humans are the same. The earth's exhaust gas is increasing. The future of mankind needs more clean air and clean water.

natural color

The space that makes a house a pleasure, entertainment, and life is no longer a simple, modern, simple, pastoral, and other single style. The mix and match style and natural color have quietly entered our lives.

Natural color home

Natural color arrangement

It seems that these have to learn quickly and put the room up! 2016 is a person who keeps up with the trend.

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