Toothpaste to blackhead method considerations

From a distance, the skin is very white and tender, and the blackhead is very obvious. Is this your current situation? So how do you go to the blackheads? It’s great to know that toothpaste has a blackhead effect. Many girls with fair skin use this trick. Let’s witness the miracle of toothpaste to blackheads!
Toothpaste to blackhead, blackhead method, how to get blackheads
Choose pure white toothpaste and try to choose a mild toothpaste with natural botanical ingredients to avoid unnecessary irritation.
Toothpaste to blackhead method:
Step1: Clean the face first, and steam the surface with hot water or steam. This will allow the pores to open naturally, which is good for deep pores.
Step2: Wash your face with warm water. After cleaning your face with the most effective facial cleanser Dreamtimes M2 Dream Cleanser, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste, spread it on the blackhead, evenly spread it, and see a layer of white covering the skin. You can feel it, and you can feel the coolness of the toothpaste.
Step3: After applying for about five minutes, the feeling of coolness of the area where the toothpaste is applied will slowly disappear. At this time, it is OK to rinse the toothpaste with water, and the blackhead on the nose will disappear.
Note on toothpaste to blackhead:
1. After the toothpaste is applied, try to keep the nose moist. Don't wait until the toothpaste is dry and then clean it. It can't be cleaned the next day. Because the toothpaste contains oxides, it is very irritating. It will easily damage the skin after a long time.
2, this method can not be used every day, once a week is enough, after all, after a blackhead, the skin cuticle will become fragile, after a period of time to recover.
3, skin allergic girls are not suitable to use this method to blackheads, long acne acne is also the same, easy to cause skin infections.
4, after clearing the blackheads must remember to apply astringent water or toner, do a good job of moisturizing, in order to avoid the resurgence of blackheads.

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