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This is an era of looking at faces. People must have face value. As the most private bathroom in the home, of course, face value is also required! To create a high-value bathroom, in addition to meeting our daily needs, we can also adjust our mood. Everyone loves beauty! In this issue, the editor recommends the sanitary ware that can be used as a face value. Let's understand it together.

Meet Yan value control exclusive bathroom matching

1. Bathroom mirror cabinet is super narcissistic

Yan Kong's she attaches great importance to her appearance and appearance. She will always check her dress and makeup no matter at home or when going out, so she needs to prepare a large mirror in the bathroom. , The one that makes Yan Kong most attractive at first sight.

Compared with ordinary mirrors, mirror cabinets are more suitable for ordinary homes, especially small apartments. The mirror cabinet hanging on the wall not only saves space on the ground, but also conforms to daily usage habits.

Product recommendation: Kohler Esger mirror cabinet K-18632T-DC

Oversized size, 140mm depth, creating more storage space, 6mm mirror surface, door opening on three sides, equipped with level 2 IP44 fluorescent lamp, sufficient lighting, 1000x165x710mm.

2. The face value and feelings of the lotus shape basin are at the same time

Product recommendation: Moyer MOIIDEA Dezhen decal above counter basin GWP5210

Moyer's basin is a unique lotus shape, with pale blue and white and elegant ink paintings, a thick ancient rhythm winds. The low-key and elegant design hopes to soothe the restless soul and bring people back to the peace of the mountains and rivers.

Purely hand-made, the ceramic glaze is smooth and delicate, full of feel, fired at 1320 ℃ high temperature, the absorption rate is extremely low, easy to clean, and not easy to fade.

3. Multifunctional pendant is convenient for changing clothes

Yan Kong's she attaches great importance to clothing, and may only choose today's clothing after changing several sets of clothes, so the clothes hanging in the bathroom must be large, and there must be enough space for them to place and change their favorite clothes.

In addition to being able to store clothes, the multi-functional clothing hardware pendant is also provided with a hook, which hangs clothes and foldable pendants, which can be put away when not in use to save bathroom space. With the bright color style, the bathroom becomes beautiful.

Product recommendation: Faenza pendant FGJ05

Italian design style, using high-quality space aluminum, aluminum content of 98.764%, five protective layers on the surface, making the metal surface more durable.

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It is white floccule.

We can provide Intrinsic viscosity from 0.30-2.25 dl/g, Mw from 6000-30000.

For each batch a certificate of analysis is provided, showing the analytical data determined in our quality control laboratory. Additional analytical data can be made upon request.

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