How to improve the restaurant Feng Shui reasonably

Restaurant Feng Shui is actually very important, whether it is in the layout or in other aspects, and the restaurant should be reasonable in the design process to protect the family and health, naturally, there will be a good life. The so-called family and everything is actually involved in more content, if we can understand the nature in detail, you can see the actual value, and the public health network is based on Feng Shui related knowledge, I hope that everyone's restaurant Feng Shui improvement plays a role.

How to improve the restaurant Feng Shui reasonably

Dining itself is very important, so in general, at least once a day, a family is sitting together, so that not only can the relationship be harmonious, but the most important thing is to make the whole family look better and harmonious, so in these The problem still needs timely attention, and the pattern is actually the most important link. Generally speaking, the pattern needs to be square, there must be no corners or protruding corners. This is still important in the decoration process. It should be paid in time.

The choice of location, the location of the restaurant itself is located between the living room and the kitchen, should choose the location of the center to design the restaurant, and this layout can make the relationship between the whole family members more harmonious and harmonious, in addition, in good luck, It will show very well. In the process of decoration, it should be bright, and bright color can also guarantee the actual value. Therefore, in the actual guarantee process, it may still need to pay attention to and understand, so, with the wealth of the family. There is a big relationship, and naturally it needs attention.
Although the restaurant is the central location, it can't directly face the front door or the back door. There are some problems in the layout. In the process of designing, avoid the space near the toilet. When there is no way to avoid it, you need to stay away from it. The toilet can be guaranteed, and the yin and yang blending is also a concern, because too much yin is bad for the family, and too foreign is the result of family disappointment. Naturally, these also require timely attention and understanding. Therefore, there is still a need to consider these issues.

The poison arrow mainly means that the sharp corners and beams and columns will affect the harmony of the whole family. Some hernias actually affect the health of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid such a situation. In the decoration process, the lights can be used directly. This is the better way to protect the harmony of the whole family. These problems should still be objectively analyzed and understood. The overall market situation is also important. Now the drowning and design of the family restaurant should be With a detailed understanding, you can avoid bad situations very well.

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